Cuckoo, the rhetoric is gone

It is becoming increasingly difficult to convince those who do not watch political talk shows to turn the TV back on. Were it not because of the instinct of self-preservation of his own liver, jeopardized by the amazing performances that we happen to witness. But also from the extraordinary incapacity of politicians to be clear without falling into banality. To show off effective communication without slogans that are more suited to a kindergarten class than to national television.

We are facing a communicative abyss. Communicating directly and not mediocre does not seem possible. On the one hand, we hear of “contractors operating in the offshore compouds” (but what does it mean?), On the other declaiming rhymes to the “cuckoo, Equitalia is no longer there”. In the first case, understanding is seriously jeopardized. Not only for those who do not chew the English-speaking lexicon. On the other hand, banality is so disarming as to cause an instinctive refusal. Better hands over the ears of a rhyme that is anything but Leopardian.

But if the contents are there, the obstinacy with which one chooses to communicate them badly remains inexplicable. Not good, not bad. But almost like suicide. Last but not least the slide of Renzi, guest of Lucia Annunziata. After the exploit in verse he was replied by the journalist: “Don’t make me pass for moron”. But it’s not just about this. Because in the end, we need to give him credit for it, the premier is making a communicative effort not just. New in the panorama of the left, where communicating seems almost a betrayal of the homeland. And if it has always fared excellently, even with its speckious exaggerations. So much so that during the debate, at times the Annunziata seemed to have made a bad impression, and not him. The scene was divided up with monologues and interruptions.

In short, willy-nilly, we must admit that Renzi is the vanguard of television political communication. And so, this means that it is the simplistic style that makes its way. Final farewell not only to the old politichese, but also to the new one, made up of abstruse technicalities incomprehensible to non-workers. But it also means that we will have to get used to hearing more rhymes and more nursery rhymes in the early evening. More metaphors, more slogans. The alternative to a complicated and complicated mechanism of rhetoric, which makes everything indecipherable. And since a mediation between English-speaking abstruseness and nursery rhymes does not yet seem to exist, for the moment we prefer the latter.

However, behind the prime minister’s cuckoo a tax law is hidden. Dalla Annunziata said: the norm for the emergence of cash in black remains, only the rate changes. That precedent, says Renzi, could not work. How disproportionate interests cannot work for those who do not pay fines, even those to be eliminated. To be retired, just like Equitalia. This is not a pardon: the fine is there, remains and must be paid. But without devouring everything with stratospheric interests. He does not respond to the Annunziata when she asks: “But the others who also paid the interest?”

The last sparks on the subject of consent. Lucia Annunziata candidly harasses: “An electoral base will be very happy with this decree”. And then Renzi is no longer there: “Doctor, every time I came to illustrate a maneuver you told me that I did it only for consent. The eighty euros: consent. IMU: consensus. IRAP: consent. Equitalia: consent. But will anyone doubt that we are trying to lower taxes in this country? “

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