Christmas reading: five books for the holidays

The usual tradition of gift exchange increases the pleasure and desire at this time of year to read a good book or give it to family, friends and relatives.

And then here are five good books for these days of celebration and for some last-minute gifts! Obviously these are purely personal suggestions. Enjoy the reading!

  1. Bread for the Bastards of Pizzofalcone – Maurizio De Giovanni – Published by Einaudi (Big Freestyle – € 19), the book is part of the series of thriller / noir novels started in 2012 with “Il Metodo del Coccodrillo” starring Commissioner Lojacono and the group of policemen from the Commissariat of Pizzofalcone, born from the pen of one of the most famous contemporary writers in Italy . Maurizio De Giovanni lives and works in Naples, and Naples more than a background is central to the writer’s stories. The group of “Pizzofalcone bastards” is facing a new case of murder. The victim is a baker, found dead outside in his oven. His death leads Commissioner Lojacono to investigate the past of the victim he witnessed, and then retreat against organized crime. To this story, a very strange case of stalking intertwined followed by the agents Aragona and Di Nardo.
  2. 7.7.2007 – Antonio Manzini – Published by Sellerio Editore (€ 14) , it is the last of the writer’s novels centered on the figure of the Vice Police Quaestor Rocco Schiavone, who many were able to watch on Rai2, played by Marco Giallini. The title of the novel focuses on a date that forever marks the life of the Vice Quaestor and his subsequent personal torments that led him to Aosta. A noir story, of drugs and murders, that takes place in Rome, on which Schiavone investigates and that leads the reader to dwell carefully on the personality of the protagonist, of Marina, his wife and his group of friends, Sabastiano, Brizio and Furio.
  3. Women will inherit the land – Aldo Cazzullo – Published by Mondadori (€ 17) , the book written by the journalist of the Corriere della Sera, tells why this century will be that of the definitive overtaking of women over men in almost all fields: family , work, education, religion, because they are better equipped to seize the opportunities of a world that is changing fast and in which their spirit of self-sacrifice, their love and their incessant hope of seeking a better world. A book that also makes us understand the importance of the rights acquired by women, with difficulty, in these years.
  4. The art of being fragile – Alessandro D’Avenia – Edited by Mondadori (€ 19) , the book is a splendid testimony of how to try to answer the questions that have always marked our lives: those about lasting happiness and the tiring craft of living every day. Alessandro D’Avenia does it by telling us about his method for happiness, through a meeting that marked his life: the one with the writer Giacomo Leopardi, always considered as a pessimist, but instead a young man and writer hungry for life, faithful to this value and research despite the mockery and indifference of his contemporaries.
  5. The labyrinth of spirits – Carlos Ruiz Zafon – Published by Mondadori (€ 23) , marks the return to the library of one of the most beloved Spanish writers in the world. We are in the Barcelona of the 50s and Daniel Sempere is the protagonist. Twelve years later the shadow of the wind the writer returns with a work of great emotional impact to conclude the series of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, where passions, intrigues and adventures are intertwined.

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